Since 2009, I have been conducting video interviews with teachers, researchers and writers in the field of language education at conferences and workshops, here in Japan and internationally. I was initially motivated by my graduate research into teacher development during times of change, and encouraged by a very active and supportive twitter and blogging community. At that stage in my teacher development my Personal Learning Network (PLN) was very important and for two or three years I learnt a a great deal by attempting to express my ideas in writing through blogging, by reading the responses of others to that writing, and by immersing myself in the sharing culture of the PLN.

I am in a different phase of my development at the moment, which is why I am archiving the blog. However, the book after which I named that blog – ‘The Lives of Teachers’ by Michael Huberman – is still a key text for me. The book describes an enormous longitudinal study of secondary school teachers in Switzerland, charting the various trajectories, epiphanies and critical junctures they experience. How do teachers develop themselves? How do they stay motivated? What, inside and outside the classroom, affects the teachers’ work?

The individual video interviews, and a little of my writing about them, are accessible via the list in the sidebar, or the footer (depending on how you are viewing this website). They are also available on my YouTube channel and my Vimeo channel.

The series is currently on hiatus, but I expect to continue with occasional updates in future.